[May'd Fit] just gets that us as women often can't find things that fit us perfectly and we usually need some tailoring. As someone who is petite and curvy, I usually need a hem on my items. I sent my clothes off using just a box I had at home with the prepaid barcode and I'm so pleased with how they fit, it's a miracle!" - Sarah R


Pictures speak a thousand words and here you will see BEFORE and AFTER pictures of different types of alterations, varying garments and true honest testimonials from real women just like you! 

Hear from real clients the power of alterations and what May'd meant for them in our Client Diaries below:



Before/After Fit Problem Alterations  Testimonial

Pant legs too long and drags on the floor. 

Hem (Basic)



"May'd Fit's service was a super fast process from start to finish and not overly complicated. The platform is very user friendly and made the clothing alterations process quick and simple!" - Casey K



Before/After Fit Problem Alterations  Testimonial

Skirt is too long for a "mini" skirt look and flares out too much.

Hem (Basic)

Taper add on to Hem



"As someone whose weight fluctuates and has always struggled due to inconsistent and confusing sizes, May’d Fit is truly a game changer. Until recently, I had never thought of alterations or tailoring as an easy solution to this problem but May’d made the process so simple and something I can do quickly without leaving my apartment. I received my garment back in less than a week and the fit and hem length were expertly done. Such an easy and seamless process and I’m excited to no longer see clothes that don’t fit as a problem with my body, and instead know that there's a quick fix to make me look and feel great." - Nadine J



Before/After Fit Problem Alterations  Testimonial



Front Side - This Bridesmaid's Dress has extra fabric in the midsection resulting in an undefined contour of the waist area, creating a "frumpy" look. 

Back Side - The deep low back is loose on the body, movement in the dress causes it to shift in undesirable positions. 

Straps Shortened 












Testimonial Coming Soon...



Before/After Fit Problem Alteration  Testimonial

Jumpsuit is too long and creates "scrunching effect" on the hem.

Hem (Blind)




"The alteration and shopping experience is entirely seamless and May'd Fit's website is very easy to navigate. I love how the pricing is transparent and upfront taking the guesswork out of what alterations would cost. Prices are also fair and competitive for being way more efficient than your average tailor!" - Marina L


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“As a petite woman, pants and dresses off the rack are always too long on me. I never thought twice of having to get clothes hemmed, it just was just part of life errands like dry cleaning. May’d Fit has been a game changer making my life incredibly easy by not having to deal with the hassle of bringing clothes to the tailor to spend hours getting fitted.“

“ As a perpetual bridesmaid, I have never found a dress that fits perfectly. It would cost a fortune to get altered, sometimes even more expensive than the dress! When it was my turn to be the bride, I gave my bridesmaids the gift of altering their dresses through May’d Fit and it could not have been easier and more appreciated by my bridesmaids!”

“ I’m usually in-between a size medium and a size large. Size medium is a too tight for my curves, size large hides my tiny waist. May’d Fit’s “contour body” alteration makes my dresses and blouses look custom made.”

“I have been getting non stop compliments on the same clothes I have always worn but decided to get May’d. Flattering fit on my body has made all the difference.”