Giving Back

At May’d Fit we not only pride ourselves on empowering women, but also on giving back! This means giving back to the community we come from and giving back to causes, charities, and organizations that we believe in and that align with our mission as a company. We are committed to advocate and play a role in the ever growing and increasingly beneficial sustainable fashion industry and movement. We believe that alterations and tailoring provide the opportunity and outlet for continued progress and awareness in sustainable fashion. The May’d platform and services go hand-in-hand with recycling and giving re-life and new uses to existing and even vintage clothing to enhance and make the most of our existing and future closets. By making our clothes fit more perfectly to our bodies, means loving our clothes longer, and less fabric waste into the world. The Company is committed to using our platform to advocate for sustainability through words but more importantly through action. We have partnered with FABSCRAP, an organization to donate all the company’s fabric scraps from alterations for upcycling into new purposes.

Most notably during this recent economic climate and global pandemic brought on by Covid-19 May’d Fit, like many small businesses underwent setbacks due to the uncertain situation. However, despite the uncertain times we continued to forge forward as a company and felt it was our civic duty to help others and give back now more than ever! We were able to utilize the infrastructure we built and put in place for the May’d Fit alteration and tailoring platform and pivot accordingly to help give back to communities in need. As it became increasingly clear that health care workers and underprivileged as well as vulnerable communities needed protection during the Coronavirus outbreak, we felt very passionate that we could help make and provide face masks to those in need. With that we launched the May’d Fit Face Mask Initiative.

May'd Fit Face Mask Initiative

With the help of our existing team of tailors we shifted our pre-launch website and platform in a matter of days to a friendly e-commerce website to sell reusable, washable and 100% breathable cotton face masks. For every face mask sold we donated a face mask to communities in need including Children’s Hospital of NYC Presbyterian, Two Bridges Women’s Shelter, and Borden Avenue Veteren’s Residence. After selling out in a matter of hours with our first batch of face masks, we decided to pursue the increasing need and demand of face masks to continue to help communities in need while also being a relevant resource in our evolving times. Additionally, during Summer we are donating 20% of all sales to The Loveland Foundation in support of Black Lives Matter.