Profile Set Up Instructions and Guidelines

Profile Set-Up Instructions:

    1. ) Create an account with us here. Follow the prompts to fill out a multiple-choice fit questionnaire. 

    2. ) Place order by selecting the garment you need altered, followed by the alteration, fabric, brand, and size of each garment. 

    3. ) Await an email with a link and instructions to capture two photos of your body. Our 3D measuring technology uses these photos to extract over 50 unique body measurements. 
Photo Capture Guidelines

Wear tight fitting clothing to accurately gather the measurements and contours of your body. 

Take shoes off, make sure your ankles are exposed.

Stand with legs apart (ideally 7 inches apart) and arms apart (ideally 5 inches apart) from your body. 

Front Pose                                                            Side Pose

To capture your two photos (front and side), you have two easy guided options:


1) Hands Free and By Yourself 

Prop up your phone so it stands against something on a table, angle the phone so the arrows line up on the green, and make sure the device is at a 90 degree angle at your waistline level. Step 3-4 feet back away from your device, turn up the volume on your phone and follow the voice instructions. Make sure that your body is completely in the frame when the photo is captured.  

2) With A Friend 

Ask someone to help take two photos of you on your phone. Have your friend keep the device at a 90 degree angle at your waistline level, your friend should be roughly 6.5-10 feet apart from you (this depends on your height). Make sure that your body is completely in the frame when the photo is captured. 

*Please note that the photos captured are not saved or shared anywhere, they are solely used for body measurement purposes and these purposes only.

Once you capture one front photo and one side photo as prompted you are all set! Thank you for completing your one-time May'd Fit Profile! 

Useful Tips for Greatest Accuracy

Wear tight clothing ie. yoga pants, fitted blouse, tank top, shorts etc. (less is more in this case)
Take off unnecessary pieces of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and empty your pockets.
Hair should be tied up or pulled back. 
Angle of the phone/camera should be 90 at degrees.
Be barefoot. No shoes/socks 

Correct Clothing and Pose  Incorrect Clothing and Pose

 -Arms 5 inches apart from body

 -Legs around 7 inches apart

 -Tight clothing  

 -Barefoot, exposed ankles

 -No dangling jewelry 

-Hair tied up

 -Correct camera angle flat

 -6.5 ft. -10 ft. distance from camera 

-Camera at waist height of the person’s photo being taken

 -Empty Pockets 

X Arms touching body

 X Legs too far apart or touching.

X Baggy or loose clothing

X Shoes or socks

X Watches, dangling earrings, large necklaces

X Hair down 

X Camera angle too tilted not
 at 90 degrees

Need help with setting up your profile or completing the final photo step? Schedule a complimentary virtual appointment to get started! We will help walk you through your profile questionnaire and guide you to capture your pictures so your profile is set up! 

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