We are your modern-day alterations experts. Our technology uses two photos of your body to extract over 50 unique body measurements, so you will never need to be physically measured or try on a garment to get clothing altered to your customized measurements and fit preferences. We make "the perfect fit" as simple as a click of a button. Read more About Us.

Our 3D measuring technology extracts your measurements through two photos of your body. Your measurements and fit profile are generated through May’d Fit’s algorithms and sizing database to ensure that all garments will be altered to your customized measurements and fit preferences by our expert tailors. Read about How it Works Step by Step.

Our proprietary algorithms factor in your body proportions, fit preferences, dimensions of your ill-fitting garment, and your unique body measurements to calculate the precise amount to alter at each part of the ill-fitting garment.  
Our algorithms are not only based on engineered precision but also a sophisticated understanding of body shapes and proportions. We respect the art of garment design and construction, and we believe that the best clothing alterations are the ones that don’t look altered at all. From our data engineers to our expert tailors, everyone that touches May’d Fit’s service chain is passionate and knowledgeable about bringing you quality and precise alterations for your perfect fit.

Our 3D measuring technology boasts a 99% accuracy rate with less than an inch deviation. The results are as accurate as if an expert tailor were taking measurements of your body with a measuring tape! Be sure to read and follow the instructions, as it will affect the accuracy of the results.

Not at the moment. Currently we are focused on services for women, as it is our expertise understanding the curves and proportions of women’s bodies and clothing. However, we anticipate offering clothing alteration services for men in the future as well!

Yes! Please just note that the shipping and turnaround time will be extended. Have a specific question about your location? Shoot us an email directly. We are working our hardest to expand to other major cities in the near future. Subscribe here to be the first to know!

Choose the "hem" alteration to shorten the length of a garment that is too long ie. pants, dresses, or sleeves. Choose the “contour body” alteration to change a shapeless blouse, dress, or jumpsuit to flatter the shape of your body. Read more about the list of alterations here. Still have questions? Schedule a fit consultation to feel comfortable and confident in your clothing here.

It’s simple! We outline our fabric tiers by materials from the most common and easiest to alter (first tier) to more delicate fabrics that take more skill and time to alter. If you have trouble determining what material your garments are made of check out our comprehensive guide here. If your garment made of two tiers of fabric material, we will go with the fabric tier that the garment is mostly constructed of. If you choose the wrong fabric tier don’t worry about it, we will adjust and charge/refund you accordingly after we have received your order. Read more about our adjustment policy here.

Some clothes, yes. Most clothes no. This depends on the amount of hem allowance the garment provides. (Meaning the cloth in the seams, that tailors are able to let out.)  Keep in mind MOST clothing can only be let out a couple of inches. We cannot guarantee that your clothes can be let out unless we are able to evaluate the hem allowance. In the case your items of clothing cannot be let out, you will simply pay for shipping and not charged for the cost of the alteration. 

It is always easier to alter something to make it smaller than to enlarge it because usually there isn't extra cloth in the garment to do so. This means if you are tall instead of “letting the seam out” to fit your length, you are better off buying something that fits your length and have the “waist taken in”. The same logic works for other garments, it is always better to size up and buy a larger garment and to take in the parts of the garment that don't flatter your body. Read more about common fit problems here and the alterations that could work for you.

Our expert tailors perform quality and precise alterations, working magic on your clothing. Our tailors have extensive experience in clothing alterations with complementary expertise in garment construction, pattern making, and clothing design. Our network of alteration specialists is vetted through a vigorous quality assurance process, first anonymously, then trained through May’d Fit’s certification program to follow our quality standards and guidelines to ensure the best final product to you. These talented and hardworking individuals are the core of our business, so we work hard to reflect that.

Yes, absolutely! We offer alteration services for all your formal wear including bridesmaid dresses, gala gowns, and party dresses. (Roaring 20s, we see you!) As the matter of fact, we offer bridesmaid dress specific alterations to make it seamless and convenient for the dress that NEVER fits anyone off the rack.

The only alterations we exclude are bridal dresses. We understand your wedding dress is part of the most special moments in your life, and we want to ensure that every detail is perfect before offering bridal alteration services. Subscribe here to be the first to know!

We define a formal dress as a gown. A full-length dress of thicker material and wider hem. Excluding bridal.

We think the you deserve the perfect fit for every garment you own. Alter your clothes, not your body to bring out the best version of you! We are here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes and more importantly your own body. Read more about alterations here.

Read here on the definitions of the different hems.

By selecting different individual alterations, it gives you the flexibility to alter parts of the garment you know do not fit. If you choose the alteration “get it fully customized”, it ensures the entire garment is customized to fit your measurements and fit preferences. It changes the size of the garment to be uniquely your own perfect fit.

Yes. A one-time profile creation is necessary for us to accurately gather your measurements and fit preferences to be able to alter garments to your perfect fit.

No problem! You will have the option to change the fit preference for each garment with the alteration “contour” or “taper” in the description.

We exist to help you create the perfect fit and pride ourselves on delivering quality and precise alterations. If you are not happy with your clothing the first time around, we are happy to alter your garment to your satisfaction. Just let us know within 5 days of receiving your garment by sending an email to info@maydfit.com. Please review our Disclaimers and FAQs for additional questions or concerns.
May’d Fit is not responsible for altering your garments beyond the first complimentary redo. If your body changes, you can update your measurements by uploading new photos to your profile and adjusting your fit preferences before placing another order. (Give us a break!)

The "Optional Image Upload" field shows how the ill-fitting garment currently fits on your body. While this step is optional, it helps our expert tailors visualize the garment on your body and how they can alter the garment to be May'd just for you!

Expect to receive your altered garments back within 7-10 days from the day you ship your garments to us, if you are located in the NYC Tri-State area. If you are located elsewhere, shipping time will vary.

At this moment we only offer priority shipping through USPS. We are working hard to provide expedited services in the near future!

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email containing your order details and tracking number, which you can use to track your order online. You can track the status of your delivery by signing into your account and selecting "My Account", followed by selecting "Orders". Please allow 24 hours for tracking number to appear.

At the moment we do not, but if you need something expedited please send us an email info@maydfit.com with the subject title “Expedited Service” and we will do our best to help!