**We as the May’d Fit team reserve the right to amend the fabric tier when you select a garment to be altered should it be selected incorrectly.

**Our satisfaction guarantee exists to help ensure your garment is the perfect fit. While we guarantee to fix your garment if you contact us within 5 days of receiving your garment, please note to accommodate this guarantee we require that your May’d Fit profile be as up to date as possible. This includes recent photos and responses to the profile questionnaire. We do not guarantee the garment will be fixed if both more than 5 days have passed since receiving the garment and if additional changes have affected your body shape and measurements. These additional changes can include, but are not limited to weight gain or loss, pre and post partum etc.

** Data assurance - any and all information obtained as Data through May’d Fit’s services will be maintained anonymously and only be used to improve and enhance the May’d Fit web application and tailoring services. This Data will strictly be used for business purposes only and not for any personal gain. Additionally, this information will be protected and not shared; as outlined and in compliance with our Privacy Policy.