COVID-19 Safety and Precautions

The safety and quality of our services is our number one priority and during these uncertain times we are taking additional protective measures to ensure you, your garments and our team and tailors remain and continue to stay safe during Covid-19.

The following are the steps we are taking:


  • All team members are wearing face masks and sanitizing before coming into contact with your garments. Temperature checks are required daily.
  • All team members have received advanced training on enhanced hygiene and sanitation standards and protocols.
  • We are sanitizing all workspace surface areas daily, with weekly deep cleanings.
  • All garments are always handled with a protective outer layer and thoughtful packaging to ensure proper safety and sanitation when being returned to customers.
  • Our contactless measurement experience and online tailoring platform overall avoids any unnecessary contact throughout the alteration and tailoring process and dismisses the need to ever physically interact with tailors, ensuring the safety of our team, our tailors and especially your safety at home.


Should you have any additional questions regarding any of our safety precautions please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Thank you and Stay Safe!

 The May’d Fit Team