Summer Essentials 2020 Edition


The official kick off of summer has begun! In NYC it means we just entered Phase 2 of reopening this week and we could not be more psyched for outdoor dining and summertime soirées. We are SO ready to swap our leisurewear for equally comfortable but immensely more flattering linens and cottons, specifically sundresses and popover pieces. This time also feels like a re-emergence into the social sphere of seeing friends and loved ones we haven’t seen for 100+ days! (never again please) Fashion may seem like a shallow topic for some, but dressing up/down to feel the best version of ourselves is to be the best version of ourselves. We are most confident in clothing that makes us feel good and comfortable, so whatever that means to you, we encourage that. What will your first day of school first day out of quarantine outfit be?!? Let us guide you with our Summertime Essentials 2020 Edition.




Linen is easy breezy, and a what we consider a summertime essential that actually won’t go out of style beyond 2020. “A linen dress is the next best thing to being naked” -The Cut and we couldn’t agree more. Grown from flax plants, linen requires little water and is biodegradable, making it very sustainable. The best part? Linen actually LOOKS GOOD with wrinkles, so no need to fumble with an iron or a steamer. Consider an easy linen dress that is classic and refined at the same time, or  linen pants that easily transition you from the couch to the beach. Above pic: Lisa Marie Fernandez tiered blend dress, and Faithfull The Brand wide legged pants puts us is an uplifted mood.


Why the halter top isn’t more popular, we do not understand. One of those styles that show off the shoulders and back, and is traditionally more reserved at the bust area. We like opting for a style that shows off one or the other! (Both the back and the bust area if we are feeling more daring) The halter is flattering on many body shapes, and especially great for athletic and curvy top ladies. Different styles accentuate or conceal different curves on the body. Above pic: Peter Pilotto's lurex knit halter and Nanushka's Japanese silk halter. 


Summer's unofficial uniform is undoubtedly the LWD (little white dress). With so many variations of different fabrics and styles, this is the one uniform that never gets old. Trade in your summer blues for summer whites! There is something a little innocent but also elegant about an all-white ensemble. A sure way to accentuate your tan and keeps you breezy in the hot humid sun. Effortless, laid back, but has presence. Opt for a belt to cinch in the waist or a popover baby doll dress for easy elegance. Above Pic: Alexis A-line silhouette dress, and Hill House Home "nap dress" styled by @lefevrediary.  


Puff those shoulders! We’ve been dormant indoors for too long and coming back hot in exaggerated shoulder tops. It’s bold and playful at the same time and we’re here for it. A little like “I’m the boss” but paired with a short hemline or neckline suggests “sweetheart”. Style hair in a low chignon to accentuate this un-dismissible lewk. Above pic: Silvia Tcherassi silk satin midi dress, and Acler burnt caramel shirting dress. 


We know, we know, wearing a mask is no fun especially during the hot summer days in the city. But it is THE most essential accessory since it will protect yourself and others around you. Some may say we’re biased… but our super light-weighted masks with four fun prints to choose from and matching scrunchies is this summer’s must have accessories. Being safe and chic isn’t mutually exclusive! Also contrary to popular belief, we can see you smizing (smiling with your eyes) behind those masks and so can others! Ladies, something to smile about now is 10% off May’d Fit masks with code MFMASKSUMMER10  We are donating 20% of all sales to The Loveland Foundation (a therapy fund for black women and girls). It’s nice to be nice. Above pic: "Dress for the Occasion" mask and scrunchie set and "In the Garden" mask and scrunchie set. 

Summer is NOT cancelled. As we navigate this new normal, it is easy to revert to our carefree ways pre-pandemic. Let’s take the lessons we’ve learned and the blessings we count with us into the sunny days ahead. Stay mindful in our choices and be bold in our decisions. Have self-compassion and also treat yourself to the little luxuries we may have taken for granted before but not after taking a pause. The beauty of it all is in both change and routine…. In life and your wardrobe!

Shine Bright Into Summer,



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Photo credits from top to bottom Tara Jarmon, Moda Operandi, Faithfull the Brand, Peter Pilotto, Hill House Home, Silvia Tcherassi.