How to Transform your Closet Without Going Shopping!

Summer is in full-swing and it’s about time our wardrobes got an update too! Before you are tempted to go shopping, check out the items you have in your closet. You’ll be surprised in what kind of gems you will find. Maybe you’ve transitioned to your summer closet and pushed your professional work attire or going-out clothes to storage. Either way you want to refresh your outfits, but no longer love the way some items look and feel when you wear them. Us too! -- our bodies, like the times, are constantly evolving. So how do we breathe life into the stale closet? By turning your items of clothing into your unique size and fit through alterations! So long to vanity sizing and numbers that mean nothing – let’s equip these new closets to fit your needs and get items both new and old tailored to your perfect size …. Not Size: small, medium, large SIZE: ME

What types of clothes you can get altered to look and feel your best? It’s not just office attire or occasion-wear. It is those items and everything in-between that once you get altered/tailored to fit your unique body shape and size that will have both you and the clothing item feeling brand new :)

Here is a list of items you should consider getting altered:


Jeans are tricky business, as we all know finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat. Either too long or too short, too tight at the waist, or too baggy at the thighs. And once we find a pair that fits we claim them as “our favorite pair of jeans”. Make every pair of jeans your favorite pair through the alteration “Take in at the waist” if it is too loose on the waist, “Tapering” if it is too baggy on the legs, or “Hem” if it is too long on the bottom. 



An easy refresh for a dress or to completely change the look of it is to get it hemmed! That means you can take that long maxi dress (or bridesmaid dress) and hem it to right above or below the knees to make it more casual for every day wear. Or if there is a long skirt that you are over, try turning it into a flirty mini skirt! Shopping in your own closet has never been easier. 


Maybe you found a one-of-a-kind vintage blouse or dress, that wasn't your size, but you just had to have it! This can be taken in at the waist and hip or hemmed (shortened) at the sleeves. Try the “Contour body” alteration on blouses and dresses to nip in the midsection of your clothing to flatter your hourglass shape (or to create an hourglass illusion) and counter the baggy blouse/dress look.



These well-made classics like your favorite silk blouse and go to black dress are your closet staples because they never go out of style. They aren't trendy, but can be worn and accessorized to be made into a new outfit. These are the pieces you can wear over and over again, therefore should be made of high quality fabrics and fit you perfectly as if it were custom-made for you! Nothing brings out comfort and confidence like a great fitting outfit to carry us through all occasions of life. 

If you are anything like us, you might have many of these items stashed in a bag in the back of your closet just waiting to be #MAYDTOFIT you perfectly. We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching our May'd Fit Beta app this coming week! If you would like to be the first to try a brand new clothing alterations experience, check back on our website and Instagram @maydtofit to get updates and be part of our May'd Fit Beta Launch!! Join us to be part of a limited group of women who can get their perfect fit with the click of a button!!




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