How To Be More Sustainable Through Fashion

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We are fashion lovers through and through and a strong believer that clothing serves as a great expression of self, booster of confidence, and creative way to present ourselves to the world. During this very different reality we are currently living in, (hi global pandemic, and please be gone soon!), most of us are not purchasing clothes as if we are going out and being seen every day. However, now more than ever we have developed a fond appreciation for nature and the beauty of our Earth. As we become more eco-conscious of our habits and impact, a simple way to become more green is through our shopping choices in fashion. When we do re-emerge into the “new normal", some simple ways to become more sustainable to preserve our beautiful Earth should stand in the forefront of our minds. Here’s our easy guide to be more sustainable through fashion:

 1) Buy Vintage

The Real Real VintageObject Limited Missoni


Every new item of clothing has a carbon footprint attached to it, but the amount of energy needed to produce vintage clothing is zero! Besides, there is nothing quite like finding a vintage treasure and to know that it is one-of-a-kind and unique just like you! While the definition of vintage varies from person to person as “pre-owned”, “2nd hand luxury”, or “made before a certain time” it all counts as the most effective way to be sustainable in fashion. Our favorite vintage curations: Object LimitedThe Real RealBeacon’s Closet, and Edit Second Hand.

And since we all just turned into germaphobes, be sure to wash the clothing. Do so carefully to extend the life of the garment by getting it dry cleaned or a great home alternative is this chic and effective laundry detergent by Laundress.

2) Find Brands That Are Eco-Conscious


Be curious and ask the questions and seek the answers of who made your clothes? How was it made? What fabric is your clothes made out of? (peep our #maydfitglossary hashtag to read up on fabrics) Lucky for us, many brands are becoming more transparent with this information. Although beware of brands that just throw “sustainable” into their marketing vocabulary without proof to back it up. A few of the OG eco-friendly brands we have loved for a long time include EverlaneReformation, and Eileen Fisher. And some lesser known brands we admire include B New YorkTogethersegal and Signe. 

3) Invest In Quality Pieces

Miu Miu BlazerModa Operandi Skirt

Like many things in life: friends, relationships, clothes… quality is greater than quantity. Only buy pieces that you will wear a minimum of 30 times. Even if something is inexpensive and you will only wear it a few times (sometimes only once), ask yourself is it worth it to have that piece take up room in your closet? Is it something you would be happy to run into your role model in? How about ex? Keep in mind quality doesn’t have to mean expensive! As long as the piece is made of good material and fits you perfectly, chances are it is a quality piece you will re-wear multiple times.

If there is something that is quality and doesn’t fit or flatter your body, DO NOT buy it. You will not feel like your most confident self in that garment and therefore not re-wear it. If you love and “need that garment” do yourself a favor and get it altered right away. See #4 below.

4) Get Your Clothes Altered!

Mayd Fit MeasurmentSustainable clothing alterations


Clothes should look and feel as if they are made just for you. The better it fits, the better it looks! Ok, you find a one of a kind vintage piece or that quality piece you must have but the fit is all wrong. It could be your “normal size”, but somehow just looks unflattering on your body. Maybe it doesn’t accentuate you in areas you want it to. An easy solution is to take it to the tailor right after purchasing, to have the item of clothing altered to your measurements. It will look custom-made just for you, and what better way is there to create a one-of-a-kind quality piece that you would wear over and over again? Alterations is the answer.

Your clothing has a rip and needs mending? Alterations. Want to re-imagine a piece of clothing? (ie. Take a full-length dress to knee-length) Alterations. Want to love your clothes longer? Alterations.

5) Donate Your Clothes

Recycled Fabric Eco Concscious

The last step of the clothing life cycle is to make sure you properly dispose of your clothing that no longer serves you. Easy ways include giving clothes to friends or dropping it off at thrift/consignment stores. Many stores will take your used clothing in exchange for store credit! See MadewellH&M, and The North Face. Too lazy to physically drop it off? Thredup couldn’t make it easier.

Brighter and Greener Days Ahead,

The Modern Tailor




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